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my new year card

 投稿者:hiro  投稿日:2009年 1月 9日(金)14時29分54秒
  賀春 2009

                                        at Ashikaga Flower Park
Last year I went to Bessho hot spring two times with my friend couple. In spring, we visited many sight seeing spots in Shiota plain and in autumn we enjoyed apple juice making. In October, I was hospitalized for three weeks suffering a high fever disease of unknown cause. Fortunately I recovered without any after effect. I’m enjoying my clubs of playing tennis, English conversation and cooking.

my composition

 投稿者:hiro  投稿日:2008年12月23日(火)10時26分7秒
  1. The six country’s talk for denuclearization of North Korea was stranded after North Korea refused to allow outside inspectors to take samples at its main nuclear complex at Yongbyon.

2. When I came back from hospital, many people looked like seeing a miracle. Especially my wife’s relatives thought I was on the verge of death, because my wife is one of five sisters and three of their husbands already passed away. So they thought it’s the my turn.

3. The US Senate rejected the bailout plan for automakers, when the labor union refused to agree to wage cut. Japanese yen soared in comparison to dollar and the downturn of Japanese stock market got severer.


 投稿者:hiroメール  投稿日:2008年12月21日(日)21時07分11秒
  I took this photo last May 1st at Ashikaga Flower Park.